Some may say that fall is not a good time to buy a home, but I disagree. There are many advantages to buying this time of year. Sellers tend to be much more motivated to sell, if their home is on the market during this time of year.  Especially if it’s on the market during the holidays.  

This puts buyers in a much better position to negotiate compared to mid-summer when multiple offers can be commonplace, and getting an offer in before someone else tends to be a challenge.  This has been the case in the Twin Cities this past summer. 

The downside to looking for your next home in the fall, is that there may be less inventory to choose from, but if you keep your eye out, you may just be able to snag that perfect home you’ve been waiting for!  
One way to keep tabs on what listings come up right away is to subscribe to a real estate site and have new listings emailed to you as they come up.  So, don’t think fall is a bad time to buy.  It’s a great time to buy!


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