Buying or Selling During the Holidays?


This is a great time of year to buy a home, and to sell a home for that matter.  Both options have benefits to them that don’t exist during other times of the year.  Here’s a short list of advantages for both buyers and sellers:



  • Less competition so not as many multiple offers to compete with, making sale prices lower this time of year
  • Lenders are less busy, making transactions go more smoothly and deadlines are met more easily
  • More leverage as there are less buyers to compete with
  • Sellers are motivated to sell if their home is for sale during the holidays, making it more likely you can move in faster




  • With rising interest rates, there’s more urgency for buyers to buy right now
  • Less competition
  • Smoother transactions with lenders for quicker closing dates so you can move out sooner
  • More serious buyers who want to close fast

Realtors®-We’re like matchmakers for homes!

britgif2Realtors® are here to help you find your dream home.  You tell us your wants and needs, and we work to find you your home of your dreams.

In the Twin Cities, there is a lower inventory for now, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find what you want.  Having a Realtor® will give you the edge you need to get your offers in before it’s too late!  Without access to the MLS, which Realtors® have, you may miss out on your dream home, so get yourself a full-time, dedicated Realtor® who will work to help you get what you want.

Do you need to move out of your parent’s home?


Is it time to move out?  Thanksgiving can bring out all the best reasons you need to get out into your own place.  Really fast!

If you don’t care to throw your money every month to your rent, and are ready to buy in the eastern suburbs of the Twin Cities, it is a great time to invest in your own place!

If you think it’s too hard to buy versus rent, one thing to consider is this market is very good for reselling.  Ask your Realtor® for good areas to consider for re-sell, if you know you will want to move in a few years.  Some areas are definitely better than others, and a good Realtor® will help you understand which areas are best for you.

Need More Space?

Are you feeling cramped in your home. Has your family outgrown your living spaces?  Are you wondering if you can afford to move “up”?  Did you know that a professional Realtor® can give you a good idea what your house might be worth with a competitive market analysis report?  Plus you can get an idea how much you may qualify for if you’re considering buying a bigger home with a loan officer, which your Realtor® would be happy to refer you to. img_3622


Are you thinking of buying a home?


Buying a home involves a lot of decisions.  You need to know you’re ready, and if you are buying with a partner, you’ll need to know you’re both on the same page.  Knowing what you want is essential, and may sound easier than it is!

But if you can just get in writing, exactly what you need first, with your wants second, you’re way ahead of the game.  How many bedrooms and bathrooms is a great starting point.  Then go from there to whether you want a one-story or two-story, maybe a rambler, maybe that doesn’t matter to you.  Maybe you really need a big, fenced in backyard for Fido, or there absolutely must be a heated garage.  You decide what is crucial, what you can’t live without, and go from there.  Your realtor will help you find exactly what you’re looking for, and will love you for knowing what you can’t live without!

Watch this funny video to get some good advice if you’re thinking of buying a home.  Get a good laugh in while you’re at it!