Groundhog says “Home Buying Season Is Upon Us!”

It’s here!  Homes for sale are upon us. If you are a buyer looking to buy your next or first home, here’s a quick list to help you get started:

1.)  Get pre-approved with a good lender. You can get good faith estimates from more than one loan officer and choose which has the best options for you and your needs. Shop around.

2.)  Find a full-time Realtor® who is recommended to you by people you trust. If you don’t know of any, start asking around. It is important to find a full-time agent so you aren’t left hanging if they are only working part-time and you end up missing out on your dream home because your agent wasn’t available.  If you need one in the Twin Cities area, give me a call or text at 651-683-2467 or email me at

3.)  Narrow down what criteria you must have, can’t live without, and expand it in a list format so you know exactly what you’ll be looking for.


MUST HAVE:  2 car garage, 2 bathrooms minimum, at least 3 bedrooms, fenced in yard for Fido, within 30 minutes of work

WOULD LIKE:  extra office or guest room, extra bath, mature trees, heated garage

4.)  Call a trusted Realtor and if you don’t have one, call/text/email me at: 651-683-2467 or

There ya go!  You have your start to your new home search!

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