So, you’re pre-approved and ready to start looking!  How exciting!  Hopefully you have yourself a Realtor® picked out.

It is important to have a full-time Realtor®, as you don’t want to be left hanging if your Realtor® is not available to get back to you right away.  Make sure you ask if they are a full-time Realtor®.

You are going to be hiring this person and you want to make sure they are going to work for you and are available to you.  You can easily test this by seeing how fast they get back to you when you reach out to them, before signing a contract with them.  Until you sign a buyer’s representation contract, you have not hired them, so do your homework and test out your prospective Realtor’s® availability.  This will be important to you when you want to make an offer.  Test at different times of day and nights and weekends.  Be reasonable, don’t expect an immediate answer back at 2am, but you can expect an answer back to your attempted contacts within one day for sure, and within hours and even minutes (outside of sleeping time)!

A qualified Realtor® will have access to tools and resources a non-Realtor® may not have available to them.  Also, Realtors® are held to higher standards than agents that aren’t Realtors®.  So, my advice is to definitely go with a qualified Realtor® and check out to make sure they’re licensed here: Dept. of Commerce License Check  Just type in last and first name and it should show whether your prospective agent is a Realtor® or not.

Happy house hunting!

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